Action Baby Carrier - Toddler In Stock Now

Action Baby Carrier is a great choice for carrying your older baby or child from 18 months to 5 years old. They can be worn on the front, hip and back, fully illustrated instructions included. The Action Baby Carrier has a unique internal support system that offers unparalleled support for your child without the need to fit additional harnesses or buckles. Durable canvas construction combined with a flexible padded waistband and soft shoulder strap padding makes the Action Baby Carrier a truly comfortable way to carry your baby or child. Quickly adjustable enabling use by wearers of different body shapes and sizes with ease. Action Baby Carriers come with a simple to use sleep hood, and fold down small to save space.

The Action Baby Carrier Toddler/Preschooler size is suitable from approximately 18 months to 5yrs. Minimum recommended weight is 6.8kg to a maximum of 20.4kg, perfect for larger toddlers who still enjoy being carried.

Toddler/Preschooler Action Baby Carrier Dimensions - suitable from 6.8kg to 20.4kgs

Recommended for children over eighteen months old

  • Shorter straps ensure a close fit in a back carry
  • Waistband height 4"
  • Width of shoulder straps: 3”
  • Main body including waistband: 21” tall, 19” wide
  • Shortest possible length of shoulder strap: 15” (not including buckle)
  • Waistband length 28″ to 53″ with 27.5″ of padding